Selasa, 01 November 2016

Detective Conan Enthusiast Purchases Auctioned Mugs at Huge Markup.

One Detective Conan enthusiast can be drowning financial sorrows with two cups of coffee today. This year's 39th issue of Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday magazine provided a reward lottery for exclusive Shūichi Akai and Tōru Amuro "pair mugs. " The lottery gave the mugs to 150 winners at zero cost.

According to Anime Bibly, A lucky person of the mugs who was seeking to make some money listed the set on the Yahoo! Auctions website. After 26 bids, the auction winner bought the mugs for 101, 000 yen (about US$964). That might be a high-priced but happy ending for an excited enthusiast if the story ended there.

However, Shonen Sunday responded to the massive popularity of the mugs by offering them for sale. Everyone who want the mugs can apply through the magazine to get them. People just need to pay the price of the once-prized mugs plus shipment and handling. That cost is surprisingly 2, 200 yen (about US$21). For non-mathematicians, this means the aforementioned auction winner invested in about 45. 91 times the offered price.

Apart from announcing the mugs for sale, Shonen Sunday revealed special Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare film strips. To celebrate the film's release on home video, the magazine will give away the film strips as a free of cost bonus item. Hopefully, the owner of the unnecessarily costly mugs will decide to buy a magazine instead of searching for these bits of colored paper and plastic online.

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